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The True Value of The Kin Ecosystem Through The Eyes of a Development Team

The True Value of The Kin Ecosystem Through The Eyes of a Development Team

This post was written by a Kin community member and does not represent the views of the Kin Foundation

The various members of our team for the Kin Developer Program all invested in Kin because we saw something in the vision that made sense. Yes, we need a new way of monetizing. Yes, making products out of users ultimately disengages them. Yes, a few big players monopolize the whole app space. But deep down we still all have questions if we are honest with ourselves. Will Kin actually succeed even though it could be the answer for all of these problems?

Developing a product that uses Kin has been a process of realization, a kind of dawning. “This……. REALLY REALLY MAKES SENSE!”

The crypto market is wrestling with how to find a use case for blockchain technology. A myriad of projects that, when boiled down to their core, are trying to convince Mrs. Jones to use something that in her mind can already be achieved with the coins in her purse. How do you convince Mrs. Jones? “But it’s better because its decentralized, it’s faster, and it’s philosophically superior.” What the hell does that mean to Mrs Jones? Nothing, really. She doesn’t understand. Basically when you reduce the vast majority of crypto projects today down to their essence (aside from TPS and validation protocols), in most cases, they are amazing applications of blockchain that don’t actually need a token — or coins that are trying to do fiat’s job in a more complicated way. Even better, platforms that enable the creation of yet more projects that suffer from the same problems mentioned before.

Crypto can’t start to compete with centralized solutions until the particular use case delivers something centralized solutions can’t — or delivers it 5 to 10 times better.

While our team has been developing an app for the Kin Ecosystem, it has become abundantly clear that many, if not all, of these obst...

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