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The Opportunity of a LifeTime

For most people in here, whether or not your realize it yet, KIN is truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Right now it is trading at 0.000139 on Bancor, yet it is actually able to be exchanged to giftcards at a rate of 0.01 in the KinIt app. Simply through arbitrage, this means a potential for the price of KIN to appreciate 70X. An investment today of $1,000 could net you $70,000 sooner than you might think. The more important thing here is not the money that you can make but what you can do with that money. For all the youngsters on here, depending on where you live, if you live humbly, you can easily get by comfortably for 3-5 years on that amount of money. That would enable anyone on here to quit your 9-5 job and pursue your passions, giving you time to start your own business and not be tied into the current slave system. What KIN truly represents is freedom! Freedom from banks. Freedom from slavery. Freedom from the FaceBook and CIA spying and data mining operation. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the random person you meet at the supermarket. Companies like Facebook, Amazon etc. are nothing but middlemen who contribute little to nothing to society. The true contributors are people like you - people who create apps and technology and the people who use them. KIN will be the first crypto since BitCoin and Ethereum to break up a serious state-sponsored monopoly and bring the power back to the people. Freedom or slavery, the choice is up to you!
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