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The Kinit App — What’s Next? – Inside Kin – Medium

The Kinit App — What’s Next?

The Kinit app is really taking shape. We already have important insights from our first phase of the private beta, and now is a great time to announce that starting from mid July and throughout Q3 we are going to run a public beta in the U.S. Believe us when we say nothing excites us more!

Ok, so you now are probably looking at your calendars and realizing that it’s more than a month away. True! There is still a lot to be done as we will explain in a second and, as always, we want to provide you with the best experience there is.

Private Beta — Phase 2

Even though we’ve learned a ton so far from the private beta, we still have a few more things we want to test.  The second phase of the private beta is running these days and includes the following experiments:

Phone Verification.This feature has two goals: One, attach users data to their phone number and by doing so create a basic backup tool (with additional backup tools to come in the future). Second, curb fraudulent registrations and add security layers to the app.We consider this feature an experiment because we are testing the impact of such feature on users behaviour and the way they perceive the app. The new onboarding flow A new earn task to test users accuracy. Why is that important? The more accurate users answers are, the more tasks we can provide to users in the future. While filling out a questionnaire or survey is mainly a matter of user providing their opinion or data; some other tasks require accurate answers. Image labeling task examples Peer to Peer Kin Transactions.The Kin ecosystem is all about getting Kin and using it in the digital world. A big part of it will be transactions between individuals that contribute in the digital world. We are about to release a lean version of this feature that enables users to send Kin to their friends, and we are super curious to find out if and how people will use it. In the future this feat...
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