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Ted live AMA - Tuesday, August 14th, 2 PM EST

The second Tuesday of August is approaching and just like every month - it's the day for our monthly AMA with Ted - CEO and founder of Kik and Kin. If you'd like to add a question, please add it here. As always, Ted will be addressing the most upvoted questions - the ones you care about the most. Same as last time - we'll have this thread active throughout the AMA and won't open a new one. This way, you can add your question and upvote/ downvote as of this moment. Please remember - Ted won't be able to address all of the questions/topics. **EDIT: Link for the live stream of today's AMA** [here]( Some general guidelines for this AMA: * Must be constructive * Can’t be about a person * Must be about the Kin project * That haven’t already been answered * Can’t break the subreddit rules
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