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My oldish article on an "ideal" Facebook coin

Kin ambassador Eric, here. Some may already know this, and some may not like it, but for reference I wanted to share my post that I largely wrote in November of last year (before any of this Facebook investigating crypto stuff was in the news): [The Facebook Cryptocurrency that Mark Zuckerberg (is Launching!?) Should Launch]( It's not very predictive of the details of the coin that Facebook is said to be developing, but just the idea that Facebook will now supposedly have a coin at some point was the basic idea recommended in the article, and this news from Facebook has honestly come a little too quickly compared to what I was hoping. However, it sounds like this coin from Facebook is "years" away. Hopefully that slow time frame can be trusted. By the way, I know that this article of mine has been on Facebook's radar for a while, because Morgan Beller (who was mentioned in the [Cheddar article](, where news of FaceCoin first broke - she was the first employee tasked with looking into crypto at Facebook) clapped for my Medium story in November or December of last year and I reached out to her when I realized she was employed by Facebook. I have a messenger conversation with her dating back to her first message to me on December 4th, 2017. Super friendly. Just wanted to give you guys some background on "FaceCoin", as Cheddar calls it.
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