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Let's talk about Facebook

So they're developing their own blockchain. Cool. Has there been any concrete evidence that they'll be developing an actual currency to go along with it? It's been pure speculation at this point as far as I can tell. If I were running a business, and had a blockchain technologically that was built in house to support billions of users, it'd make sense to integrate something like KRE, a system I don't have to spend time and money to develop, into my own technology that's been built with my own user base in mind. I make money, the user makes money, and KIN gets to create a giant global economy that they've been dreaming of. Granted this is a pie in the sky pipe dream situation, but the two are a perfect match, and would be a win win for both sides, and the end users. So I don't really get the " fuck facebook" attitude. Sure, they have a monopoly on social media, but they have the perfect model to create the exact thing the KIN foundation is aiming for. (Insert quote from The Art of War) Thoughts?
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