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Let's Apply Some Basic Logic Here

Kik is a well-known (in the west at least) and popular chat app. There are plenty of chat apps to choose from and many offer similar capabilities. There isn't much room to innovate on features, so they must rely on public trust, likability, etc. Would they want to erode that by fleecing people with some magic internet money? Would they want regulatory or negative attention, when their app's usage is so heavily based on preference? Logic would dictate a clear no. Kin tokens were sold in anticipation of a new ecosystem's development within Kik. This takes time. Many people have their heads down **working** right now to bring this to fruition. A group of people who poured their lives into building a solid business (and one of Canada's only unicorns) would not throw it all away to edge out a few more bucks. THAT SAID: Could they be much better about communication? Certainly. Does that mean they're fleecing people because the tokens didn't instantly 10x? Certainly *not*.
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