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Hey friends, As some of you have already brought up on Reddit the other day, we have fallen a little behind on responding back to so many of your inquiries. There was also a lot of great feedback that you sent our way, and we want you to continue to be able to funnel it towards the [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) email so it can continue to be aggregated. Us simpler community team folk will be sitting down tomorrow with the Kinit team to get answers to some of the more often asked questions. We hope to make some doc that can be referenced for any troubleshooting issues as well. Besides some of the questions like, "why is there no more Amazon gift card", and, "why didn't I receive the right amount of Kin for my task?"; two things that we would be happy have your help with is: 1) Some of the issues you have faced with the app 2) If anyone from the community already received help for any other questions in the thread, please feel free to respond. We would still like you to send your questions to Kinit's support email if you're having issues, but we hope that we can provide some relief to them and get the rest of your questions answered!
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