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Interesting: Kiip Lets Any App Reward You With Real-Life Prizes

What if you won prizes for getting Likes on Instagram, listening to songs on Pandora, or making Highlight connections around town? Today Kiip expands its real-world rewards platform to allow giveaways in any type of app, not just games. Since Kiip-client brands pay developers to promote through them, today’s launch will give lots of devs a new way to monetize without traditional display ads. In an exclusive launch with TechCrunch, Kiip is kicking off its utility app rewards by helping Pepsi surprise users of fitness apps including MapMyRUN, Nexercise, LoloFit and Gym-Pact with free Propel Zero Enhanced Water. Soon Kiip will formally support other app verticals, but with its new self-serve platform developers of all sorts can start hacking rewards into their apps right now.
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