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I would like to see a Facebook Partnership

I can already see some of the anti-monopoly sentiment slingers coming out with their guns blazing but I think saying "F Facebook" doesn't mean KIN vs FB. I think it means KIN solves the problem that Facebook has learned to dominate and unfortunately perpetuate. Sure they buy out competition and extend their services to compete when they see a good idea but with KIN, they can actually settle into the structure and buy enough KIN to hold as much a stake as KIK if they wanted I suspect (which isn't bad for investors). I also think that Zuckerberg is open to the idea. I believe he has made moves to try and break the advertisement cycle in FB in order to enhance user experience and paid a dear price for it in stock price. If he was given a monetization model that would break him away from the Ad monster in favor of user experience I think he would take it. It may be the reason he is "looking into block chain" right now. There is also apparently a connector of Facebook to Coinbase. This new C level exec that is taking on FB's block chain initiative is already a board member of Coinbase. I think if CB wanted to broker a deal between the KIK and FB for KIN, it could happen easily. I would imagine when it comes to races, one of the big dogs will pivot this way eventually if it is the revolution everyone talks about. What are your thoughts?
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