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Claim to the KinFoundation. And the application to the SEC.

Thanks, oacimm, for start this Event. Everybody who wants to change something, plz follow this instruction: 1 step — This week: Lets send a strong message by emailing kik first and give them a chance: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Also we can tweet to Ted Livingston: 2 step — Friday 13.10.2017: If there is no tangible step forward taken by them by Friday in terms of listing on exchanges, bring together the evidence and simply fill the following form: 3 step — Next weekend: Following that, lets also email all main crypto news and also mainstream media and news websites about the situation, so that no one else in the future is inconvenienced dame why by losing their hard earned money. So lets earn our money back, but do it wisely. If you want, then follow these, and if all investors do these all together, we WILL get out money back, one way or the other.
Go to self.KinFoundation
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