Ottersync now on Trust Wallet for KAVA Staking

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self.kava_platform13d ago
[Stake KAVA with Ottersync on Trust Wallet]( Hello all, We are happy to announce that Trust Wallet has approved our application to be listed for KAVA Staking. We are thankful to the Trust Wallet team for the opportunity to represent the KAVA network there. Current staking APR with Ottersync is 33.6% which is after the 5% commission we charge to cover our best-in-class Horcrux distributed signer setup. While most validators run a single signer (i.e. one node that proposes/signs blocks), we run THREE geographically distributed signers, all sentry node protected, to give us maximum up-time and protect against attacks. This means that if one of our servers was attacked or went off line, the other two can continue to keep signing so that you don't miss any staking rewards. This of course triples our cost of running the validator, but we believe in serving the network and the community first. Help decentralize and secure the KAVA network by staking with Ottersync. Thank you for considering us! Ottersync