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Staking/Binance/Burn Drop/HELP

Hiiii So, I want to stake my IOTX but when I went to do so through IoPay, I saw that Binance offers a pretty high % return. However, to receive this reward it has to be done through Binance (versus through IoPay directly). Basically, my questions are: 1. Has anyone staked IOTX through Binance and does that reward (showing 12.3% as of right now) ring accurate? Are there any catches to staking through Binance instead of IoPay directly that I should be aware of? 2. If I do stake through Binance versus IoPay directly, does this exclude me from the Burn-Drop rewards? I am very very new to crypto and only really got involved after finding IoTex and being enamored with what they are doing and what they are envisioning for the future. The Burn-Drop program is what actually pushed me to buy. Now I am just confused as to how to weigh the pros and cons of staking directly with a delegate through IoPay and staking for the higher reward percent through Binance and I cannot find info comparing the two options anywhere.
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