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IOTX · 2w

Some thoughts.

Hi, (First of all, sorry for my English. It isn’t my native language 😊) I often see people say “just wait, it will 🚀🚀🚀” or “I’m so glad I got in to this project this early, I’m so lucky” There is also those defending this coin like it was their own mother. I just get more and more convinced that it’s the developers them self in this Reddit, that want to make money (Understandable). As someone pointed out earlier, there is like 1% that owns 98% of the coin. And on top of that it’s people in here that defend this coin so desperately and just say some thing like, “this is the future, you are stupid for not understanding that”. But it seems like people forgets that the coin will never grow and get bigger without more people getting in and believing in this coin. Bitcoin is the biggest because it’s the most popular. If this coin ain’t getting popular it ain’t getting big. I hope I state the obvious here but it seems like some people here are religious and don’t really understanding that. Best regards 😘
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