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DeFi Wallet Recovery

Hey can anyone help me with recovering my IoTex? I copied the address from my DeFi wallet and sent my IoTex there. However the tokens/balance does not display in the app even after the confirmation email and 24+ hours have passed. When I put the address in the IoTex explorer it shows the funds are there. Not sure what steps I need to take to get them to right place so any help is appreciated. Edit: The most frustrating part of crypto as a whole is support. I don’t like using Telegram or even worse, discord to request help. Then you just get flooded with people trying to scam you and you have to actually decipher what’s legitimate. Edit 2: I was able to recover my iotex using metamask. I created a new wallet on metamask, imported the private key from the defi wallet I used to send my iotex to initially. Then went to metamask settings and changed the network to iotex mainnet. Refreshed, my coins showed up. Then set up my iopay wallet and transferred them there.
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