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X-CUBE-IOTA1 2.0: A Software Package to Transition to IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis And All Its Benefits

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While a famous CEO recently admitted that he was “looking at other cryptocurrencies that use <1% of Bitcoin’s energy/transaction”, engineers were already downloading the X-CUBE-IOTA1 2.0 to take advantage of the new IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis that can perform 600 million transactions for the same amount of energy as one Bitcoin transaction. The new software expansion package integrates the latest iota.c middleware and offers an ST cryptographic library. Additionally, we included a project example and a pre-compiled binary for the B-L4S5I-IOT01A Discovery Kit. The application takes temperature and humidity values from the board’s sensors and sends them to the IOTA network. The program thus simulates a product relying on this ledger for machine-to-machine communication and more.

IOTA: How It Started, How It’s Going The Vision

In early 2020, The ST Blog introduced the first version of X-CUBE-IOTA1, which helps developers take advantage of IOTA. At the time, the first open-source distributed ledger technology was already very different from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. It relied on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) called the Tangle, promised fee-less transactions and a decentralized network. Embedded system engineers thus rapidly adopted it because, unlike traditional blockchain solutions, its data structure is compatible with microcontrollers. Similarly, large companies invested in IOTA since its friendly business model served their future machine-to-machine communication needs by offering an extensive network for IoT products.

The Realization

One year later, IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis is highly symbolic because it lays the foundations for total decentralization. Previously, the IOTA foundation relied on the Coordinator, a central node that confirmed transactions. It ensured the network remained operational while developers worked on the pro...

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