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What are the best/most relevant university-level programs to study Iota and the incoming IoT revolution?

I haven't seen this specific question posted here before so I thought I'd get the ball rolling on case others are interested as well. What are the most relevant educational offerings now? I see a few universities offering courses and certificates in blockchains. Are there any that aim to tackle the IoT ecosystem and marketplaces? What would getting a 4-year or Masters degree in "Iota" look like? Seeing the potential of QBC and its likely affect on machine communication and execution, along with the mostly uncharted universe of micro transactions, what universities offer the most relevant programs to study this field? I'm currently looking at the options to study blockchain- and/or tangle-driven industrial and market solutions and would like to hear others' opinions on how to target the best programs and create a short list to work from. I'm willing to live anywhere in the world for this study, though Copenhagen or Europe will be most preferable. /u/DavidSonstebo /u/domsch /u/l3wi /u/Come_from_Beyond
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