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Welcome Aleksei Korolev, Holger (Phylo), Matthew Maxwell, and Philipp Gackstatter to the IOTA Foundation

‌Aleksei Korolev

Aleksei joins the IOTA Ecosystem team as a Technical Writer. A Russian immigrant, he lives in Munich, Germany. As Aleksei was working as a tool programmer in the educational technology industry, he changed his career to writing documentation. Aleksei holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

A month before I joined IOTA, I knew distributed ledger technologies only in a form of cryptocurrency — and deemed it a mass lunacy, a tulip mania of today. I changed my mind since then: distributed ledgers are to shake the world, and they are shaking it already. The new technology changes trade and banking and our approach to censorship, corruption, and politics. A rare invention is inherently good or bad. The atomic fission prevented the Third World War over the Europe — with the cost of public fear. We cannot un-invent the atomic bomb, and we cannot un-invent any other discovery. What we can do, however, is to foresee and embrace the change. For that the society needs an informed opinion, both on the technology in general and on the specific applications of it. My daily grind produces exactly that — accurate information for the public — so I choose to stay at IOTA.

Holger (Phylo)

Holger joins the Ecosystem team as a Community Manager. In this role, he will focus on Community Governance projects and enabling a growing IOTA Community Ecosystem. He will work together with our Community Manager Antonio Nardella in strengthening the connection and relations between community members and the IOTA Foundation. For the potential IOTA Treasury/DAO, he will function as a bridge between the community and the IOTA Foundation by relaying community decisions to the Foundation. Holger has a background in the chemical industry and in customer relationships.

My role in the Foundation emerged out of my engagement in several Community projects in the last year that included a huge engagement in the X-Teams, the Firefly Beta-Testing, the comm...
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