Want iota to be on poloniex,bittrex faster? help with testing here

5Y Ago

Hub is an input manager for IOTA, targeted for use by exchanges. It handles deposits and withdrawals by storing inputs and utilizes an internal sweeps mechanism for safely crediting people.

For the purpose of testing there are API endpoints that mimic the core functionality of an exchange. This is supported by the public testnet, therefore you need to use testnet tokens. You may participate in testing via simply visiting and hitting the help command to get started.

It would be helpful to create an account, deposit tokens, withdraw, observe your account info and report any issues you may encounter. Make sure to set a password that you do not use elsewhere!

How to Test

Before testing, make sure to join the Slack channel #hub-testing in order to participate.

Go to, and then simply type in the help command to know about all commands Type in register [name], the [name] is a placeholder for the unique name/password of your account. Make sure to remember your password and user id. Start testing by depositing tokens, checking your account info and withdrawing. Make sure to test some corner cases. Bug Bounty

The bug bounty rules from https://blog.iota.org/new-public-testnet-bug-bounty-6920ad7efdf7 still apply! So if you successfully find bugs, you will get paid.

In order to successfully submit bugs, please submit them on https://github.com/chrisdukakis/hub

Feel free to ask questions, and thank you!

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