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VW CDO Johann Jungwirth. Listen to him again knowing what you know now. CeBIT is one week. HEHEHE

I like going back to Supervisory Board member presentations and listening to them. Understanding what we know now. He talks about offline transactions, quantum secure, disrupting big business, everyone in this room having control of their own data, completely decentralized computing, over the air software updates, digital twins...IOTA as one of the upper right hand technologies (this is a good thing). At the time I thought he was just talking about just IOTA and the marketplace, but the more I read, the more I think he was talking about Q. I can't wait for CeBIT where we are partnered with VW. Hoping this is another Hannover Messe situation about to blow things up for us! Check out the co-exhibitors. Lots of IOTA friendly collaborations here:
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CoinEx plans to list IOTA in 2018

The most reliable cryptocurrency exchange, providing diversified trading pairs including BTC/LTC/ETH/ZEC against CNY or BTC with more to come. High-speed matching engine, full-dimension protection and...
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Welcome S. D. Nelson to the IOTA Foundation

S. D. Nelson (“Nelson”) joins IOTA as a technical writer. From quick start to deep dive, he can explain IOTA technology so everyone understands. He shares IOTA’s passion for zero-cost transactions in…
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IOTA - BiiLabs - GDPR

TangleID 開源實作對於企業的好處,朱宜振認為可分兩個方面來看,企業不至於迷航於眾多區塊鏈技術的汪洋大海,只要透過 BiiLabs 團隊提供的 API 與網路服務,依循數位身份規範,即可打造 GDPR 合規的全新資訊服務!