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Universal Faucet Integration: IOTA

Universal Faucet Integration: IOTA

By: Jesse Abramowitz Blockchain Developer

This was by far the hardest but most satisfyingly technical challenge I had while integrating our Universal Faucet. Everything we do is testnet so we aren’t too careful about understanding the ins and outs of all the blockchains.

Whenever we decide on integrating a wallet, we kind of just figure out how to integrate and go. We don’t have any formal processes.

This one was a liiiiiiittle different.

So the story goes: I had integrated pretty fast. I went on their discord to ask for tokens. Everyone was super nice and someone offered the “buttload” of tokens we needed.

Pretty easy, right?

Getting the tokens was the easiest part, but it wasn’t without its challenges which I go more into detail below!


Actually, No!

IOTA doesn’t consider themselves a blockchain but rather prefer to be known as a Tangle. According to their website, the Tangle is a stream of interlinked and individual transactions. These transactions are distributed and stored across a decentralised network of participants. It turns out uses a Directed acyclic graph (DAG) instead of a blockchain to store its ledger. This Tangle, allows different branches of the DAG to eventually merge, which, according to them, results in a much faster throughput.

For more info on the Tangle, check out their article.

Why this Tangle?

Well first of all, I’m pretty sure it the only Tangle out there. IOTA has built itself up as a top 20 coin that is a platform for developers. I was curious about working with it.

Getting coins

I asked in their chat they were super cool about it! Thanks guys!


Their documentation was good to an extent but it did have some gaps. For starters, it failed to give me any design patterns for handling transactions and didn’t even warn me about the security vulnerability (which I explain in the challeng...

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