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UBI supporters of r/IOTA: What is your idea of using IOTA as implementation of energy-metered UBI? (potential use case)

So I'm sure some of you in the IOTA community have heard of universal basic income (UBI), and I have figured out a way to implement UBI that addresses the objections of monetary supply for UBI (namely... does it require excessive taxation from high net worth institutions and individuals). It's by no means a perfect system, but here we go.... I believe that there is a similarity between the use cases for IOTA and basing an UBI off of "taxed" energy expenditure. By pegging a digital currency to the price of a small unit of energy and taking a small percentage of the total energy expenditure in every system as basis for the supply of this digital currency, you have the potential for a currency with an energy-efficient monetary supply that taxes energy-inefficient systems rather than the ultra-wealthy, and one which I believe is a less socially objectionable alternative to a fiat UBI (due to the lack of a human element and biases). I'm wondering if IOTA could be useful for this.
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