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[twitter] colored coins are complimentary goods, and not substitute goods for iota token.

Below is a little bit editted-version of twits about colored coins. for more clarification... **6/18** **durerus** **A bank will be able to issue physically backed colored coins on the** [**#IOTA**]( **tangle** **coloring 1I per unit (e.g. $ cent or fraction of a $ cent).** **This will result in unconquerable competition for the native token in the field of feeless payments. Prove me wrong!** **​** **​** **HusQy** **IOTA uses mana (which is generated by your coins) as a rate control mechanism.** **If you use single IOTA to represent much higher nominal values, then these coins will generate very little or close to no mana at all.** **Your node will therefore not be able to spend these coins.** **​** **​** **HusQy** **You can of course ask another node to issue the transaction for you but this other node doesn't have to do that for free.** **It can ask you for fees, which means that having "real IOTA" (which generates mana) will be a profitable business.** **IOTA is fee-less but only for people who are having a reasonable amount of "stake in the system".** **So if you have a balance in the network that is bigger than just a few single IOTAs in the form of colored coins, then you will be able to send them for free.** **​** **​** **HusQy** **And of course, these virtual Dollars\[colored coin\] will also never rise in value as their value is tied to the Dollar in the real world.** **Since IOTA is a non-inflating currency, the value is destined to "always rise" as production in the world increases.** **So storing your wealth in IOTA will be better than storing it in virtual Dollars\[colored coin\].** **But this will of course only really be relevant once the price stops to be driven by speculation only.** **In the meant time, stable coins can be used for "value-stable" transactions and trading.** **​** ​ **durerus** **Was this design chosen with the intention to s...
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