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The Transparency Compendium

The Transparency Compendium


Everything in this blog post has been public knowledge from day 1, but now that we are welcoming thousands of new people into the ecosystem it is a good time to summarize and elucidate each of these topics individually in one place. This makes it easy for new members to understand the technology and the current status of IOTA, as well as mitigate the wave of misinformation that inevitably arise whenever cutting edge projects go public.


Let’s begin with the common sense, IOTA’s Tangle is a significant leap forward from blockchain, which itself is still very much experimental tech, something that need to be highlighted and reiterated. Even though we now deem the software ready for the public to experiment and develop with, it has to be noted that IOTA is still beta software in continuous production, like all other public distributed ledgers at the moment. We are getting closer and closer every hour to a production ready version, and are already in conversation with standardization bodies about the ultimate goal of making it a standard, and beyond that be deployed in large scale ecosystems internationally. However, it’s important to still keep in mind for the time being that one has to take the necessary considerations into account and use precaution when utilizing it for anything critical at the moment. In short: use common sense.


The IOTA client is currently available in a Java implementation, which is pretty much the equivalent of a ‘minimum viable prototype’, but work has commenced on a fully optimized C++ and Rust client, with more clients planned. Likewise the libraries are growing consistently and we have a lot of them on our roadmap. Likewise the vault of tutorials is continuously being expanded. There’s also a lot of cool tools being developed by the community. Finally it has to be emphasized tha...

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