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The road to mass adoption!

IOTA might be one of the most successful currencies in the terms of finding numerous use cases for its unique “blockless” technology, Tangle. Besides from getting IOTA charging station for electric vehicles, IOTA got some serious partnerships with tech and automotive giants like Volkswagen, BMW, and Bosch.

Moreover, IOTA foundation might have produced the greatest number of working or developing blockchain-based products through a clever use of Distributed Ledger Technology.

When all the facts and moves are summed up regarding the roadmap and the overall developments of IOTA foundation and their related products, it is easily concluded that the 11th largest currency is surely showing a lot of potential, which hasn’t changed since the time MIOTA was first issued under the code of IOTA foundation.

As IOTA is developing in the matter of pushing MIOTA towards mass adoption, it also needs to be noted that the foundation and their native currency also seem to have headed towards establishing the Industry 4.0.

IOTA (MIOTA) Might be the Stepping Stone of the Industry 4.0

The numerous use cases that IOTA has found for its unique technology, Tangle, is what in reality provides a true image of its value, which should be observed beyond the numbers in the market charts.

Partnering up with major companies like Bosch, Volkswagen, BMW, and Fujitsu, IOTA is showcasing capabilities of its technology, however, only tackling some issues that could be solved with blockchain-based technology.

Given the fact that Tangle is representing a blockless network that operates without blocks within the network, IOTA is allowed to embrace a wider potential regarding the overall scalability of the network. That network is well utilized by acting as a medium within the Internet of Things, enabling machine-to-machine communication and prompt transaction of data and monetary value.

The Industry 4.0 should represent the next generation of...

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