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The IOTA Wallet, time for a refresh? – IOTA @ UCL

We are in the process of redeveloping the IOTA GUI wallet. Writing the codebase in React.js allows for simple cross-platform deployment, and so the new wallet will be available for both desktop and mobile. Our aim is to make the wallet more attractive, feature-laden and easy to use.

Over the last couple of weeks, Navin and I (Charlie) have made significant changes to the design. The existing desktop wallet is comprised of one main page with conventional ‘burger’ navigation. This will be replaced by a more dynamic tab navigation system, with more space for both new and existing features.

Mockup of the Send Section

The simplicity of the design allows significant room for additional features to be added over the coming months. We intend the wallet to be fully customisable, allowing the user to select which particular features they wish to use in-app.

Here are some of the main features we are looking to add:

First-time user guide and information. There is a slight learning curve with IOTA token storage. More explicit information and warnings will alleviate the problems faced by new users.Automatic conversion to fiat (initially USD). To inform the user of the value of the transfer / balance.Default viewing of transactions as bundles, rather than changes to individual addresses. This has caused some confusion to novice users.Transaction queues. This feature will prevent 2 transfers from being intitiated at the same time, and instead queue up the subsequent transactions, to prevent invalid transactions. Transaction queues and bundles Minimal, Standard and Expert modes. With varying technical abilities, users require different levels of complexity from their wallet. Three different modes will allow for variation in the visibility of technical information. Expert Mode — note the subtle change in background colour, and multiple new features exposed (please ignore the vertical spacing — this has been compressed to show the new features) A...
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