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The community should help to spread news and positive sentiment about IOTA

I regularly hear people arguing that superior tech will also win the market by itself. However, history is full of examples where this wasnt true, for example because of strong network-effects of the first-mover or better marketing. People buy from Amazon, even though their search-function is shit, people use Facebook depsite horrible privacy violations, heck, people even buy LEGO bricks, even though they cost 10x of what fully equal bricks from other producers cost. My point is, IOTA can greatly benefit from positive sentiment and marketing, especially at this point in time (market being young, many big players on-the-edge, Chrysalis update and more tech coming very soon) Yes, it is the task of IOTA Foundation to deliver the acutal tech and to market it to higher-ups in industry, governments and to developers (and I think they are doing a great job in that). However, we, the community, can also help. IOTA is an open-source protocol. This means every company and every individual worldwide can simply use the code to build their own projects AS LONG AS THEY KNOW THE CODE EXISTS. How can we help the important people to know that IOTA 1. exists and 2. is good? My line of thinking goes like this: 1. We want actual adoption - both because we like the tech and we like high token prices 2. Adoption happens mostly through decisions of CEOs, politicians and developers. 3. CEOs, politicians and developers are humans 4. Humans learn about things not only in job-meetings, but also through friends, family and social media 5. Humans are heavily influenced by the general sentiment towards something. If there is lots of positive news about something new, they are much more inclined to take a closer look (here starts IOTA Foundations part of providing in-depth tech education). 6. **Conclusion: We want IOTA news to spread wide and to be positive** ​ What can you do? 1. **Spread IOTA tech- and adoption news** on social media, in your company, with friends/family 2. **...
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