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Terry Shane + Ben Royce - Meeting of the Minds: real world use-cases from the North American IEN community.

ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: ----------------------------------------------------- SOCIETY2 is Joseph Skewes, Markus Kuhlmann, and Ben Royce. Ben Royce has a Master of Arts in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University.

Terry Shane is an entrepreneur and inventor who is happiest when exploring outside of conventional boxes. From his fascination with the early Internet to his current commitment to DLT adoption, he is working to harness this next-generation technology in applications that can improve, rather than rule our lives.

AGENDA ----------------------------------------------------- Speaker 1: Ben Royce (Society2) SOCIETY2: Own Your Own Data, Decentralized Social Media running on IOTA

The poisonous influences we see in traditional social media are the reason SOCIETY2 exists. Users of traditional social media are locked into silos without choice, and there is no trust. We do not ask for anyone's trust, we ask them to look at our open framework and see we are putting the user at the center, in control, and with the choice. Users decide what information they share with whom and cryptography ensures that information is verifiable and cannot be tampered with. In an ecosystem of social media sites and apps built on the SOCIETY2 framework, combined with portable Self Sovereign Identity, a new kind of competition erupts. If a site/ app is too censorial for you, and all of the problems associated with that, go to another. If a site/ app has no moderation, and all of the problems associated with that, go to another. You'll notice a tension between those two extremes of too much and too little moderation, and in between lies quality. And to the sites and apps that maintain that quality, which is hard work, goes the spoils of the most users, and therefore the most micropayment revenue. . Traditional social media websites own us (quite literally if you consider the personal details they command) and we are beholden to the choices they make on...

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