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Tanglepay and iotaTopBot. Let's talk about this.

I love the concept behind these bots and I think it's an awesome way to get people interested in IOTA, which I truly believe is crypto with the superior outlook. Throwing someone a quarter or a couple bucks right inside of reddit seems like a very cost effective way to increase interest. But having 2 bots that do the same thing is confusing, inefficient, and unnecessary. I'd like to see movement towards some sort of consensus. I'm hoping to initiate some discussion to speed us along that path. Tanglepay seems to be speeding along in development and, from what I can tell, it works very well now. But here's my problem with it. It appears obvious that Tanglepay is a group who are developing a product that they hope will be profitable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with developing a money-making product on an exciting new technology. We need lots of that in this space, and I hope what they're building works out. I absolutely intend to carve out a profitable niche for myself. But I think it works against us to have a for-profit (or what appears to be for-profit) system be the tool we use to draw people into a community-driven space. It feels like it goes against the spirit of decentralized currency. Does that make sense? On the other hand, if there is a team that is motivated by eventual profit, they'll have more motive to create something that works very well. What do you think?
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