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Tangle ID is on the list of W3C DID Methods

TangleID DID Method Specification About

The TangleID DID method specification conforms to the requirements specified in the DID specification currently published by the W3C Credentials Community Group. For more information about DIDs and DID method specifications, please see the DID Primer and DID Spec.


IOTA is a public distributed ledger that utilizes an invention called the Tangle at its core, address scalability issues and having no transaction fee, that encourages adoption of the technology in the industry. TangleID is intended to implement DIDs and DID Documents.

TangleID also optimizes MAM for key management and related features across the Tangle. Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) is a data communication protocol which adds functionality to broadcast and access data streams over the Tangle which adds integrity to these message streams. The owner of seed in MAM is able to create a channel structure like above to transfer the messages. TangleID stores and manages corresponding DID Documents on the MAM channels, and use the initial channel id as the DID’s idstring, each revision of the DID document is recorded on the message of the endpoint afterward.

Those messages can be represented as a message queue.

Target System

The target system is the IOTA network. This can either be:

Tangle on Mainnet Tangle on Devnet

It is also possible to build on top of Bee, an IOTA Control agenT (ICT), as long as interface module to interact with it is complete. With IOTA as the target system, TangleID DID can have adventages as below:

No transaction fee on entire DID specification Uses IOTA's built-in account abstraction Multi-signature for identity owner Decoupling credentials from the underlying identity Decoupling IOTA interaction from the underlying identity Flexibility to use key management DID Method Name

The namestring that shall identify this DID method is tangle

A DID that uses this me...

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