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Smart grid and IOTA — Self balancing grid with smart transformers and smart devices

Smart grid and IOTA — Self balancing grid with smart transformers and smart devices

TL;DR: We built a proof of concept of how a smart grid could autonomously balance itself, by sharing data in a secure way via IOTA and letting devices decide if they want to help balance or not, but if they do they’ll get a small fee in return. This is all done by the system itself, there is no human interaction needed to run the system.

First of all I would like to thank Ton Smets (software development), Klaas van Zuuren (hardware development), ElaadNL and Enexis for making this great proof of concept possible.

The proof of concept of a fully decentralized autonomous balancing smart grid running on IOTA Introduction to our vision

In 2017 when we started to develop the Electric Vehicle charger that was solely using IOTA as a payment solution and communication solution, and in beginning 2018 when we created the world’s first IOTA Smart Charging station we already had in mind that this charger was only one part of the vision we had in mind.

A charge station is the first device in our grid that consumes a lot of energy, is connected, and is probably used on a massive scale in the future. For the last decade we tried to use less energy in our homes, but we have to admit that we’ve be using more and more electric energy. Heat pumps, electric cars and other electricity powered devices will only add more to that.

This means that we’ll start using the grid more, and probably reach the limits of our grids. Back in the days when the cables were put in the ground, we weren’t thinking about heat pumps, electric cars and other high power devices that we are going to use today. The challenge is not that we can’t deliver the energy required, but the challenge is that we use that energy all at the same time of the day; usually in the morning around 8 and in the evening around 7. Our grid is not capable of handling that peak demand, and it’s pretty useless to invest...

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