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Selling Sensitive Data on IOTA Data Marketplace

Selling Sensitive Data on IOTA Data Marketplace

Since the quarantine and while working on my graduation project, I discovered the IOTA Data Marketplace platform. And I thought why are the data sources so scarce? Why do corporations and different institutions want to keep their data a secret, although it has been proved that sharing data for the purpose of studying it by data analysts is beneficial for everyone in society? Most importantly, how can we encourage these corporations to share their data?

So we need a way to gather sensitive data from different sources while keeping data integrity and without exposing information to unauthorized individuals.

The Problem

Institutions put a lot of effort and resources to gather data, and at the same time, they don't like to share their own data because they fear some competitors could use it and implement a counter-strategy against them. For example, factories wouldn’t share data about their products’ supply chain or production lines. Same for hospitals, they prefer not to share their patient’s data as they are private. In order to solve this problem, we need a way to share data in an anonymous and secure way. If we overcome this problem, we will have a rich source of trusted data that helps in implementing public policies...etc.

The Solution

In this article, I will present two cases: the first case is institutions who work in the same field therefore they have similar information and face the same challenges. Like healthcare, financial and factorizing institutions. So we are going to filter data to make it anonymous then merge all similar data with each other.

The second case consists of institutions who work in unique filed and usually, they don’t like to share their data. Therefore we are going to offer some operations that users can implement on data without accessing them.

First Case

We use a DataFilter to implement a filtering process for data to encapsulate/hide all in...

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