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Release GoShimmer-0.1.0 · iotaledger/goshimmer · GitHub

v0.1.0 - 2020-01-31 Note that this release is a complete breaking change, therefore node operators are instructed to upgrade.

This release mainly integrates the shared codebase between Hornet and GoShimmer called hive.go, to foster improvements in both projects simultaneously. Additionally, the autopeering code from autopeering-sim has been integrated into the codebase. For developers a Go client library is now available to communicate with a GoShimmer node in order to issue, get and search zero value transactions and retrieve neighbor information.

A detailed list about the changes in v0.1.0 can be seen under the given milestone.

Adds config keys to make bind addresses configurable Adds a relay-checker tool to check transaction propagation Adds database versioning Adds concrete shutdown order for plugins Adds BadgerDB garbage collection routine Adds SPA dashboard with TPS and memory chart, neighbors and Tangle explorer (spa plugin) Adds option to manually define autopeering seed/private keys Adds Golang CI and GitHub workflows as part of the continuous integration pipeline Adds back off policies when doing network operations Adds an open port check which checks whether NATs are configured properly Adds netutil package Adds the glumb visualizer backend as a plugin called graph (has to be manually enabled, check the readme) Adds rudimentary PoW as a rate control mechanism Adds the autopeering code from autopeering-sim Adds association between transactions and their address Adds the possibility to allow a node to function/start with gossiping disabled Adds buffered connections for gossip messages Adds an OAS/Swagger specification file for the web API Adds web API and refactors endpoints: broadcastData, findTransactionHashes, getNeighbors, getTransactionObjectsByHash, getTransactionTrytesByHash, getTransactionsToApprove, spammer Adds a Go client library over the web API Adds a complete rewrite of the gossiping layer Fixes the autopeering...
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