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Recap of the 2018 Board Discussion Leak

Hi guys. In light of recent events, I revisited the old board discussion leak from 8th August 2018. You can find the whole transcript [here]( if you would like to read it in full. After rereading it today, I thought it could be beneficial for everyone to put some parts of that discussion in relation to events that happened afterwards. I will try to stay as factual as possible and provide merely a timeline of events in relation to the transcript. In case I state wrong facts, please let me know so I can correct them. If you can provide more context, please let me know in the comments and provide a source. The context of the leak was the discussion about letting CFB & Popov join the Board of Directors. As the statue (at that time) allowed delegation of voting rights, there were fears involved regarding a potential power grab with the help of the two new votes. Therefore the plan was to change the statute of the foundation before nominating CFB and Popov to the board. CFB opposed the delay. As I don't want to quote the full transcript here, I will only quote excerpts. I advise you to read it fully by yourself for full context. Lets dive in: >**Ralf Rottmann:** > >I highly recommend, that we ask Dentons to proactively do a conflict of interest assessment at least for CfB, as the pending Qubic IP Transfer (and the money involved) should be cleared upfront. We’ve asked the same when I got nominated and grandcentrix is not remotely as involved as IOTA AS or Jinn Labs. Otherwise we always risk to lose our non-profit status. (Again some background: Should we ever lose our non-profit status, we’d have to pay taxes on everything up to ten years backwards. All board members, independent from citizenship, are personally liable, should IF not be able to pay those taxes in such an event.) * Dentons probably refers to the lawfirm [Dentons]( * IOTA AS is a [company registered by David in 2015](
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