Really cool peer manager for full nodes! A must have!!

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IOTA Peer Manager.

IPM is a nodejs program for monitoring and managing IOTA peers connected with your IOTA Reference Implementation (IRI) To learn more about IOTA, please visit

How to install

To install this package,

npm i -g iota-pm How to run

** Note: Before running this program, you should run your IOTA IRI or at least have a known IRI URI which is accessible. **

iota-pm iota-pm [--iri=iri_api_url] [--port=IP:your_local_port] [--refresh=interval] -i --iri = The API endpoint for IOTA IRI implementation (Full Node). -p --port = Local server IP and port where the dashboard web server should be running -r --refresh = Refresh interval in seconds for IRI statistics gathering (default 10s) -h --help = print this message Example. iota-pm -i -p IPM will connect to IOTA endpoint and produce the status at localhost port 8888 To view the dashboard, simply open a browser and point to Persistent Tag

Any custom tag assigned to a peer will be saved inside user's home directory in file iota-pm.conf In Windows this will be C:\Users\username and Linux it will be $HOME. If none of these could be found, it will try to create the file in current working directory.

Peer management

The program doesn't manages peers configured in IRI config files. If you delete or add a peer via the UI, please make sure to update it also in the IRI config.


If you like the project and wish to see more features being added, please consider donating at address mentioned below