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Question about the new wallet

I migrated to Firefly the day it came out and it went smooth I'd say. But there's something bothering me. I started with IOTA some years ago, when we had the old wallet. You would input your seed and access to your wallet. Then Trinity came which was almost the same, you could add a password for the wallet but in the end your IOTA were stored in the tangle to which you would connet from everywhere with your seed. Now I don't even know which one is my seed or if I migrated everything correctly. It asked first for what I understood it was a password/passphrase. I came up with a unique one that only I, with some time, could remake again. Pretty solid I'd say. But then the wallet gave me 24 words. What are those? Are those words my "seed" and the first thing my password? Weird. I don't know what's going there, which is not good for a wallet that should be accesible for everybody. But then, something about a backup is something called Stronghold (i think that's the name) popped up and asked for a new password. WTF is that? I couldn't even add one because the button was disabled. Now my wallet says "Not backed up". Am I in danger of losing my iotas? Do I need to do that backup? I'm asking this now because I need to format my PC and I realized I had my wallet there and thankfully now I can access it only using the pin. I'm afraid if I format my PC I won't be able to access my wallet. Can someone clarify me all this? Thanks
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