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Question about the Chrysalis Migration Ledger

Hey. Everywhere im Reading that u need ur 24 words to migrate to the new Network. But isnt that stupid when Somebody bought a Ledger for safety and then needs to reveil their 24 words in a software? Malwares on ur pc would know that u typed that words in for example. Is there really no information about the LEDGER Migration? Is it 100% safe that i need to type in my 24 words even if i got a ledger? I mean than my ledger is completely useless cuz my seed gets reveleaed. Or do they make a Migration for ledger users without Typing in ur 24 recovery ledger private key?. Pls give me some Information IOTA foundation. If im srsly willing to type my whole private key from Ledger into a software im just going to transfer my tokens to a Exchange cuz i dont Wanna lose my Other coins too.
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