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Qubic status update July 3rd 2019

For those of you who did not notice, we had another ReSum and SumSum last month. This putting together of all minds in the company, meeting face to face, has resulted into a renewed focus and updates to some plans. More info will be coming out in due time but suffice to say that we will be merging efforts with several teams into a single new flexible base node that is going to carry all our efforts towards Ict, Coordicide, and, of course, Qubic.

The base node currently carries on the Bee name and will be written in Rust. It will include most of the common node components that are needed by all projects, all tied together with a flexible messaging architecture. The actual projects will be built on top of this. This means that some boundaries between projects will disappear and we can move people around to help out where necessary more easily.

The base node will be based on the experiences we had while building each project and borrows several elements from those projects that we found would result in the best modular architecture. To make good usage of our resources most original Omega team members will be focused on building this new base node. The new design is such that the functionality of several IXIs will be absorbed in the new messaging architecture without sacrificing the flexibility of the architecture. It should allow for easy and flexible insertion and replacement of modules and it should also minimize repetition of efforts by multiple projects.

The new architecture supports the Qubic supervisor component directly and will make integrating the Q-node functionality more easy. And because the basic requirements for any node are now clear we can already start building this base node while the Coordicide team finalizes their specifications. So once these specifications appear we will be able to directly start implementing them on a working base node. Doing it this way removes a bottleneck where otherwise we would have had to wait for t...

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