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Q Oracle decentralized?

Good evening! Q: Are there any information / speculations how the oracle refered to Qubic will be constructed? Do you think it will be completeley decentralized or rather dependent on third partys (Forex --> Bloomberg) ?
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Proposal for a fair and confidence aware tangle

This paper proposes strategies to improve the IOTA tangle in terms of resilience to splitting attacks. Our contribution is two fold. First, we define the notion of confidence fairness for tips selecti...
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IOTA mentioned

BMW’s Group IT Centre in Munich will be hosting over 30 companies from the MOBI in order to share knowledge and experience, as well to promote and develop common standards for applying blockchain.
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Welcome Corey Glick to IOTA Foundation!

Corey Glick is an entrepreneur, former strategy consultant, and program manager, who has more than nine years of experience advising global business leaders on how to transform themselves, their…