Publicly announced iota real world projects tracker

5Y Ago

Trusted Internet of Things Alliance with companies such as Bosch and Cisco - IOTA is proud to be a Founding Member of the Trusted IoT Alliance. More exciting info to come soon! #IOTA #IoT IOTA is a co-founding partner of new IoT consortium, the Trusted Internet of Things Alliance. Currently Blockchain is firmly established on the hype curve, and as with all technologies at this stage it seems this is the answer to, well just about everything. At this early stage of the hype curve the exciting possibilities always exceed the... Quote from the above research paper -- "The Trusted Internet of Things Alliance, aims to rectify the lack of attention to the need for Mass Update Registers solutions for IoT market places by building on the work of one of its founding partners IoTA. Founded by David Sonstebe, with a group of mathematicians who had worked on Blockchain, the focus is on the IoT challenge." A new open source software foundation is born to support the creation of a secure, scalable, interoperable, and trusted IoT ecosystem.

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