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PSA: When we have a lot of good news (like now), do NOT spam /r/Cryptocurrency

For those of you who do not know, there is a rule in that subreddit that states there can only be up to 2 posts/articles about any given coin (except BTC) at the same time. If you submit an official link like the IF's blog post about Orchestra, it will be 'registered' in that sub and posting it again will be impossible, because reddit's engine will tell you the link has been posted in that sub already, even if the mods instantly remove it. In periods (like right now) where we have some good stuff coming, play it slow. My advice is to focus on 1 piece of news per day maximum, as non-IOTA people won't be able to digest more anyway and that anything more might have an adverse effect in making people feel like we're shilling. My second piece of advice is to build irrelevant shit. Why irrelevant shit? Let's be honest, that's pretty much all you (and I) can do. If you think you have a realistic idea for something running on IOTA that might be actually useful and plays on your skills - great! - I'm simply saying "irrelevant shit" because even that will be useful to IOTA. On my end, I started developing a card game that I'd like to tokenize via IOTA Digital Assets so we could finally have a legitimate online living TCG that is both fun to play and fun to collect. Even this is what I'd consider a big undertaking, so I'm focusing on the cards themselves and their gameplay only to get a slightly better product before I can learn more (or, more likely, find people who can help me out) about the coding side of things. So far, I have created 101 unique cards, a rulebook and a game board! Testing will start next week. I'm honestly super excited, if each card needs only to correspond to 1 IOTA and can be traded feelessly... how many of you play Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering? Imagine an actual, fully digital experience in which you completely own your cards, yet know for a verifiable fact that each card is also unique and scarce.
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