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Problems with finding my Iota balance

Hi people The last time I used a wallet was in in early 2018 as I wanted to transfer my funds from Binance to my Light Wallet 2.4.0 (I guess?). The Balance added up. Everything was fine. I even installed the never version of a Wallet on my Phone and after Snapshotting i was able to find my correct Balance. Now I recently downloaded the trinity wallet and I opened it with my seed. But with the use of the transition tool I was not able to find my iotas. I already read the blogpost of []( And so I wanted to access my funds through the installation of the latest version of the light wallet. 2.5.7. Nevertheless it not able to connect anymore, due to the outdated nodes. What would you do now? should I try to reclaim? My addresses weren't on the list so far I looked. Maybe you can try to help me, here are my addresses I sent the iota: QXLOFMDOUHEECJQQVREWZHYKUKZSHYWWEJVFPDFQAGANUPE9GZYMSJEQTXSHLNMIDTW9HYCXVHKTTRJZXHUBSPMZMD ca. 19i QBDMYWPDPCSKUJ9OAEXMTXZLJNHNJQFVKTTTMZNVTAUQUMCQBNXJISMXOJGIVRIFBJCMYENRBZWEOQICZHBAYPQVLW ca. 280i LOUYIMEO9PDR9JPANVAVSDAZMGIZNGHKTBUGFZWWWWQOCLXVFGJH9DCIAHXFINHET9UGMDBZGKCOREKPW9SZZXPSZW ca. 201.8i HRCZKPSXCRUUWACAXW9LOQTNJTMAMUOSMSQQD9FGSNINKZ9IHYAIHLNNENRKDKDGKYZCWQYKXFUZTADRDB9VCSCZAD ca. 302.7i I checked on []( and the addresses contain the right amounts. I'm willing to give the Person 50i as a small sign of gratitude if they can help me to regain my funds. Thanks for all the comments and my best Greetings
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