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Please, I need to clarify my doubts. Iota for dummies

Hello, I would like to be able to clarify some questions that arise with IOTA and that, as I am not a technical engineer, I cannot understand on Discord or in my internet searches. Thanks in advance for your answers and for the patience of people like me who want to be part of this great community and continue to grow: 1- After 90 days of IOTA staking on Firefly is over, will it be possible to continue staking ASMB and SMR on the same Firefly app? 2- Staking IOTA and in the future ASMB and SMR, will it be like being a validator on other networks? (for example as ETH with its 32 eth to be a validator) 3- I would also like to know if locking IOTA on Firefly (in addition to SMR and ASMB) is similar to locking Etherum 2.0. In other words, benefits will be obtained (network security, fees, mana...) for leaving them blocked. 4- I have read on the SMR and ASMB websites that either you can stake both tokens to obtain passive benefits or you can choose the option of being VALIDATORS. Of the latter, it does not indicate anywhere how we can make it possible (if with a rasperry pi node, or if a more powerful equipment will be needed...). And, on the latter too, if there is any tutorial for dummies on how to be a validator and thus obtain more profits. Thanks again for your time and patience with the new ones. If an answer isn't possible here, I'll post questions directly on Discord. Thanks
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