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Petition to list iota on coinbase has over 1100 signatures. Let's make our voices heard to coinbase WE WANT IOTA

IOTA is a lightweight energy efficient cryptocurrency, IOTA does not have transaction fees, and transactions confirm in under 10 seconds. Bitcoin has several dollar transaction fees and transactions confirm in about an hour. IOTA uses a fraction of the energy that BTC uses making it the ideal choice for environment. IOTA is even more environmentally friendly than Mastercard.

Here are the reasons why coinbase should list IOTA.

1.  A coinbase listing would allow users who wish to invest in altcoins on binance or another exchange the ability to use IOTA instead. This would save the user money, time and be a better choice for the environment. 

2. IOTA is in the process of being standardized by the worlds largest standardization bodies IEEE and OMG

3. IOTA is solving the problems of high transaction fees on Ethereum's smart contracts and NFT's, these features are still in development.

4. Some of the largest companies in the world are collaborating with IOTA including jaguar landrover, zebra technologies, Dell, Intel and many others

5. Since IOTA has zero transaction fees new industries that can only be dreamed of right now can become a reality, specifically micro transactions (less than $0.01) which is currently the missing piece to enable the 4th industrial revolution. 

In conclusion IOTA solves problems that the current projects listed on coinbase have.  listing IOTA would create new innovation in the crypto industry by bringing more attention to IOTA, decrease the environmental impact caused by bitcoin since it would render it obsolete and usher in the 4th in...

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