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[Paracosm Discord] Hans's Inspiring Conv: Tangle Inside

**2/6** **Disclaimer:** **This is my editing, so there could be some misunderstandings.** **Anyone who wants to read everything should go to the 'spec' of Paracosm discord.** **IMHO, Hans's philosophy and motivation is worth sharing widely.** ​ **​** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **7:57** **People are more motivated then ever** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **8:02** **the point is that the IF is not going to be there forever - its not meant to** **having a self sustainable ecosystem is very important for the maturity of the protocol** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **8:03** **No it's not** **if IF would cease to exist tomorrow - it would be finished by the people working for the IF anyway** **I am 100% sure** **and if i would have to do it alone ...** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **8:05** **we can all do it together - and we are actually doing it already** **hornet and goshimmer have VERY close ties** **they are really good friends and very capable coders** **its an honor to work with them** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **8:06** **\[when do you reckon the shift to binary will take place?\]** **its being merged in goshimmer tomorrow :smile:** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **8:14** **\[about Multiverse\]** **the last statements of popov was that it "might work"** **he still has some concerns** **i guess he still tends to think the chances of it not working as bigger than the chances of it working** **I am 100% sure it works - but maybe its on me to prove that with a fully functional prototype.** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **8:17** **My goal is to show a prototype being able to process 10 million tps by the mid of this year - we will see if I can pull this off** **maybe time will be rare, considering the parallel work on coordicide** **maybe I should aim for end of 2020 instead** **​** **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오전** **8:19** **of course it includes sharding** **that whole point of IOTA is sharding** **an...
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