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[OWL WATCH] Waiting for "IOTA TIME" 30;

**Disclaimer: This is sort of my own arbitrary editing, so there could be some misunderstandings.** **I root for the spread of good spirits and transparency of IF.** 📷 **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오후 2:45** **So why don't we just copy Avalanche? Well that's pretty simple ...** 📷 **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오후 2:47** **1. It doesn't scale very well with the amount of nodes in the network that have no say in the consensus process but are merely consensus consuming nodes** **(i.e. sensors, edge devices and so on). If you assume that the network will never have more than a few thousand nodes then thats fine but** **if you want to build a DLT that can cope with millions of devices then it wont work because of the message complexity.** **2. If somebody starts spamming conflicts, then the whole network will stop to confirm any transactions and will grind to a halt until the conflict spamming stops.** **Avalanche thinks that this is not a huge problem because an attacker would have to spend fees for spamming conflicts which means that he couldn't do this forever and would at some point run out of funds.** **IOTA tries to build a feeless protocol and a consensus that stops to function if somebody spams conflicts is really not an option for us.** **3. If a medium sized validator goes offline due to whatever reason, then the whole network will again stop to confirm any transactions** **because whenever a query for a nodes opinion can not be answered they reset the counter for consecutive successful voting rounds which will prevent confirmations. Since nodes need to open some ports to be available for queries it is super easy to DDOS validators and again bring the network confirmations to 0.** 📷 **Hans Moog \[IF\]어제 오후 3:05** **4. Avalanche still processes transactions in "chunks/blocks"** **by only applying them after they have gone through some consensus process (gathered enough successfull voting rounds),** **which means that the nodes will waste a significant amount of ...
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