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Offline Wallet IOTA stolen after One Week?

Hello guys, a week ago i purchased my first IOTA at bitfinex and then transfered one half of my IOTA to the offline wallet. I saved the seed in an editor file, put if into my USB-Stick, and the deleted it from my pc. Now one week later I wanted to transfer the rest of my IOTA to my offline-wallet but now my whole wallet is empty. FYALVVXENNSLUTFEQXCQMGE9UNSJNEKKMG9O9NAUSIIRJ9LXITYZFPSVWDNRGOYZMVXOTPAVNVNNRT9NZSGVQTWKUC this is the adress which shows in my history my IOTA was sent to/or was stolen by. But now im asking myself, how could this happen? I didnt login somewhere else, locked my USB-Stick away. I generated my seed at: Now im worried and dont know what I did wrong or if I should stay away from IOTA. Greets leeroi
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