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[New] Release GoShimmer-0.1.1 · iotaledger/goshimmer · GitHub

v0.1.1 - 2020-02-07

This release contains a series of fixes:

Adds logging of the underlying error when a neighbor connection couldn't be established Adds the RemoteLog plugin (disabled per default) which sends log messages to a centralized logging service Removes the status screen plugin in favor of the SPA/dashboard Fixes the neighbor send queue being too small causing spam in the log Fixes a deadlock which occurred when a neighbor disconnected while at the same time a request transaction packet was getting processed which was received by the disconnected neighbor Fixes memory consumption by disabling BadgerDB's compression Fixes analysis server WebSocket replays freezing the backend code Fixes sending on the neighbor send queue if the neighbor is disconnected Fixes BufferedConnection's read and written bytes to be atomic
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