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Need help to understand the Ledger mnemonic system used in Firefly

Hi Fam! Just needed some help understanding the Ledger wallet system in Firefly. I own both Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X. Theoretically if I were to use the same wallet recovery phrase on both wallets, mathematically, both wallets should the same amount of coins no matter what coin the wallets hold. Should be completely synched up, right? I tried to test this concept with Firefly. First I created a wallet in Firefly using my Ledger Nano S and put some Iota inside. Worked fine. In that same wallet, I tried connecting my Ledger Nano X to see if I could send myself 1 Miota to confirm that the private key inside the Nano X signing the transaction should be the same as the Nano S...An error appears: "LedgerMnemonicMismatch: ledger mnemonic is mismatched" I thought to myself, that's weird...Mathematically it should have the same mnemonic seed... So then I tried to create a new wallet using my Nano X to see if I could see a balance. It showed a balance of 0 Miota. So does this mean that even if you were to use the same ledger recover phrase for both wallets, the iota app inside each Ledger creates a new mnemonic seed anyway? Thanks in advance!
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