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My MIOTA disappeared from the "IOTA-wallet"

1) Good morning I am an Italian citizen and i apologize for my poor English. The last time i entered my "wallet-iota" was about July 5 (the first week of July); I owned 701 MI. Then go into my "IOTA-wallet" on October 3, 2017; My "MI" have disappeared. There are all purchases and transfers in my Bitfinex acocunt; i was upset. I asked for help and explanations to the expert Italian users of the iota forum and I was upgrading the iota-wallet but with no results! The budget is always zero! Is it possible that there is nothing to do? that I can not retrieve my "MI"? Blame is not mine. I did not forget the psw. It's really INJUST! 2) I logged into my account "Bitfinex" i memorized the 5 "addresses" involved in transferring from "Bitfinex" to my "IOTA-WALLET". in the following list: "http://Https://" I found two of my 5 "address" [category":"CURL_UNUSED"] now what should I do ?
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